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Summer Festival in Montreal

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Dear friends

In 2021 let’s tour and sing together internationally but close to home.

Montreal is the 2nd largest French-speaking city apart after Paris. So let’s
explore the tastes and sounds of Europe here on our own continent.

Montreal is welcoming and comfortable while diverse enough for genuine
cultural exchange to occur.

We will join with Canadian choirs to perform music of our lands as well as
that of the French. I know that for many of you the opportunity to interact
with other singers is as important as combining in one voice. In addition
individual concerts are welcomed and breakout exchanges with local choirs
can often be arranged.

I look forward to working with you and your choristers – every festival
remains an adventure for me – one I love to share with singers and their
communities alike.

Rejoignez-moi à Montréal

Z. Randall Stroope

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